LLY P1093 Shim Mod Instructions



First I'd like to thank Tim at Midwest, and &^%$, as well as *&&^%$, and #@$%^ too for all their help. Some of the helpers wish to remain anonymous as they are waiting for a bowl of soup.

I was going to do a deluxe tutorial, but time didn't allow it. This is the best I can do for today. Sorry.

You will need:

20x1.5 metric nut (20mm fine thread metric)
4mm washers (9.0-8.0 OD) that will make a stack that is .75mm thick
fuel line removal tool
18mm 6pt wrench or socket
Vise and some aluminum strips, or softjaw vise.
crescent wrench

First you need to remove your Pressure Relief Valve from the driver's side fuel rail in the rear. It is an 18mm hex head that was tightened by the hand of God. You may need an impact wrench to remove it, or worse case, remove the entire rail. You will have to remove the glow plug controller and a fuel line or two to give you enough room.

Once you have removed it, you will need to disassemble it. This is where the vise and 20mm nut come in:





You put the valve in a vice with the 18mm hex pointed up, and the 20mm nut threaded onto the body threads. If the vice has steel jaws, use a couple of brass or aluminum shims to grip it. You will grip it on the GRAY needle housing, not the gold spring housing.

Turn the 20mm nut clockwise and it will pull the valve apart.

Now you will put the shims into the bottom of the gold spring housing.





Replace the spring and put the housing/spring back on the needle valve housing.

The needle housing and spring housing are swaged together, so you will not be able to reassemble with your hands completely, for this you use the vise:


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